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Naimah Jackman

Personal Trainer | Dancer | Youtuber | Influencer

Hey everyone! 


I'm Naimah Jackman, a dancer/personal trainer from Brooklyn, NY. I started my dance training at the age of 7. I attended the AIvin Ailey Dance School in NYC and graduated with my BFA in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. During my last year of college I danced for the Philadelphia 76ers NBA dance team. Upon graduation, I began teaching dance cardio classes at ((305)) Fitness in NYC. It was at this very moment when my fitness journey really began. My entire life I knew I wanted to dive into the fitness world but I wasn't sure where to begin. My mom said, around age of 2 I would get up every morning, put in her workout VHS (woah! who remembers those) and got to work. So technically my entire life I was always a busy body. While teaching dance cardio, I received my personal training certification and here I am now. #Squatsnsplits is a blend of my background in dance and fitness. My whole life I struggled with wanting that "perfect dancer's body". You know the ballerina body. Having done ballet my entire life, I believed that my body was suppose to be like everyone else's. But guess what? It wasn't. This girl had a booty and it wasn't going anywhere. So the more I learned about the body and how important it is to have a healthy body I began to accept my booty (heyyy). I began focusing on toning my body and loving me for me. I want to help so many other people achieve that healthy body, not the body society makes you think is "beautiful". Cause hello photoshop isn't free! We only have one body so let's learn to love it by making it a healthy one. And our bodies will love us back!